‘F*cking Cicada’: CNN Reporter Absolutely Loses It As Huge Bug Crawls Up His Neck On Camera


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s chief congressional correspondent had a run-in with a cicada Thursday when the bug crawled up his neck as he prepared for a live shot.

Manu Raju shared a video of the unpleasant encounter, saying, “Had an unwelcome visitor try to crawl into my live shot earlier.” (RELATED: With Return Of Cicadas, Experts Warn Of Rat Infestation)

Raju could be seen talking to producers, clearly unaware that the cicada was crawling up the lapel of his suit jacket. It followed his collar and then disappeared behind his neck as he waited for his cue.

After a few seconds, Raju reached up behind his neck and grabbed at his collar, yelling out as he realized what it was.

“S**t! F**king cicada!” he said as producers bleeped the obscenities.

“What the hell, do I have more on me?” Raju asked, turning his back to the camera so the producers could see.

“I don’t see anymore on you,” someone off camera replied.

Cicadas have taken the nation’s capitol by swarm as the Brood X insects have emerged after 17 years underground.