‘No Transparency’: Greg Gutfeld Calls Joe Biden The ‘Paid Spokesman’ For A Product No One Will Ever See

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s strategy in the White House was no different than his policy on the campaign trail — and it centered on a lack of transparency.

Gutfeld argued on Fox News’ “The Five” that the White House was intentionally trying to prevent people from seeing just how far to the left the administration was leaning. (RELATED: ‘Adopt-A-Gang-Banger’: Greg Gutfeld Has A Solution For Democrats Who Don’t Want Gang Members Deported)


“Look, the campaign strategy that Biden had is the same strategy has now as a president. The key feature is no transparency,” Gutfeld began. “Everything the White House does is meant to prevent you from seeing how hard left the mission has become.”

“It’s the opposite of the previous boss, whether you like Trump or you hated him, he did everything in front of you,” Gutfeld continued, saying that former President Donald Trump had been much more accessible and transparent. “Joe is more like a paid spokesman for an infomercial for a product you never actually see.”

Gutfeld then pivoted to address liberal ideology, arguing that it was only acceptable — even to liberals themselves — in small doses.

“They can’t even afford to be seen as a purer version of their own ideology, which tells you two things. One, liberalism can only be tolerated in small doses. It’s kind of like whipped cream on ice cream. And they need to lie about their depth of liberalism in order to survive,” he added.

Gutfeld concluded by comparing Biden to the one-dimensional scenery in an old western film, saying, “Behind it, something else is going on and it’s AOC, it’s wokeism. It’s not the trillion dollar stuff that scares me. It’s the wokeism that’s coming out.”