7 Black Bears Epically Crash Pool Party


Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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Seven black bears were recorded on camera swimming in the pool and wandering around tennis courts after crashing a pool party at a vacation rental in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The party took place at the Chalet Village where the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) from Jefferson County High School were enjoying celebrations, the New York Post reported.

Bears were depicted invading a pool space and tennis courts at a party, a video published Tuesday showed.

“Now this is a pool party — Gatlinburg Style,” a Facebook post from WBIR Channel 10 said. “A bunch of bears decided to take over the pool at Chalet Village this weekend … A couple bears obviously didn’t read the pool rules about not horsing around.”

“Right place at the right time I guess,” Johnson wrote in her own Facebook post of the shared video. “The guys at Chalet Village said they had never seen so many at one time.”

A video tweeted by @EoinHiggins_, in March went viral, showing a mother black bear walking her cubs across the street while cars waited for them to cross. (RELATED: Autopsy Shows Human Remains In Stomachs Of Two Black Bears After Suspected Attack)

Following this, another viral video surfaced in early May showing a black bear caught on camera opening the passenger side door of a parked car at a home in Connecticut and entering the vehicle.