Caitlyn Jenner Promises To End ‘Cancel Culture’ And Wake ‘The Woke’ When She’s Governor

(Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Caitlyn Jenner has promised to end “cancel culture” and wake “the woke” when she’s elected governor of the state of California.

“When elected Governor of California, I will CANCEL cancel culture and wake up the woke,” the California gubernatorial candidate tweeted to her millions of followers on Thursday. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Caitlyn Jenner Said Every Trans Person Should Have An Opportunity To Compete In Sports)

Legendary actress and singer Bette Midler slammed the former reality star’s post and for not knowing “what governors do.” (RELATED: ‘Ignorant A-Hole’: Jimmy Kimmel Rails Against Caitlyn Jenner Following Hannity Interview On CA Homeless Population)

“#CaitlynJenner says, ‘When elected Governor of California I will CANCEL, cancel culture…’ First things first, someone DESPERATELY needs to tell Caitlyn where commas go [and] what Governors do,” the 75-year-old star tweeted. “The Executive branch isn’t in charge of whether teens buy Jeffree Starr’s makeup, y’know?”

On Friday, the retired Olympic gold medalist accused CA Governor Gavin Newsom of trying to “bribe” residents and buy their vote following a recall in the state against him. (RELATED: Caitlyn Jenner Officially Files Paperwork To Run For California Governor)

“More bribes from Gavin Newsom trying to buy your votes – just like his stimulus check – too little too late,” Caitlyn tweeted. “@GavinNewsom Californians are smarter than this, they see through it, and deserve better. Ready to be recalled? #RecallNewsom.”

The post included an article in the Los Angeles Times about what the outlet called the “largest inoculation incentive” in the country after the governor announced the chance for 10 residents to win $1.5 million apiece.