Donna Brazile Has Left Fox News: Report

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Former Democratic party chairwoman Donna Brazile quietly left Fox News last week, the New York Times reported Friday.

Brazile was hired by the network in 2019 as a liberal analyst. She praised the Black Lives Matter movement and has criticized former President Donald Trump, which was often a departure from the views of other commentators. She quietly joined ABC as a commentator last week, according to the report. (RELATED: ‘The Five’ Panel Explodes When Donna Brazile Claims There’s ‘No First Amendment Right To Lie’)

Liberal political analyst Juan Williams announced that he was leaving The Five during Wednesday’s episode. Williams said that he was leaving the New-York based show to permanently stay near his family in Washington, D.C., but will still work as a senior political analyst for Fox News Media. The network plans to rotate liberal co-hosts on The Five until Williams’ permanent replacement can be named.

Brazile said that she was always treated courteously by colleagues and was never censored by Fox News.

“Fox never censored my views in any way,” she told the New York Times. “Everyone treated me courteously as a colleague.”

“I believe it’s important for all media to expose their audiences to both progressive and conservative viewpoints,” Brazile added. “With the election and President Biden’s first 100 days behind us, I’ve accomplished what I wanted at Fox News.”

Fox News has dominated in ratings during recent weeks while other networks have struggled to hold on to their audience after Trump left office. Most notably, Tucker Carlson’s show has consistently occupied the number one spot in ratings and blown away competitors on CNN and MSNBC.

Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.