Willie Robertson Claims It Should Be ‘Quite A Bit Harder’ To Get A Gun While Emphasizing Pro-Gun Beliefs

(Credit: Facebook Watch Screenshot Willie Robertson https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1210968666000542)

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Willie Robertson emphasized his pro-gun beliefs, but suggested it should be “quite a bit harder” to get a gun during the finale of “At Home With The Robertsons.”

Willie opened up about his beliefs in Monday’s episode of the family’s show. His family, including Korie Robertson, Sadie Robertson Huff, Christian Huff, Rebecca Robertson and John Reed Loflin, joined him.

“I feel like the gun control laws that we have in place are good and there definitely should be some control of guns because this is a deadly weapon,” Korie said during the episode. “I think the issue of gun violence in our country is a big issue and one we need to discuss and talk about.” (RELATED: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Criticizes Kneeling During The National Anthem During Debate With NFL Superstars)

“I’m very pro-gun,” Willie said. “The businesses I’ve been involved in since I was the use of a kid involve the use of a gun. I’m pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment.”

However, Willie said it should be “quite a bit harder” to get a gun in America.

“I think it should be way harder in America for anybody to get a gun, I just think there should be something more in depth,” Willie’s son-in-law John Reed Loflin said during the discussion.

“It could and should be quite a bit harder to just get a gun in this country,” Willie added.

Willie explained that he taught his kids to “respect weapons” at a young age.

“We don’t flash them around, we don’t leave them laying around, we don’t point them at anyone, treat every gun as a loaded weapon,” Willie said. “There’s a list of rules my kids have heard since they were children, it’s the same rules I heard so there’s a respect.”

Willie has criticized sweeping gun control regulations in the past as have other members of the “Duck Dynasty” family.

“Guns are regulated,” Willie said in 2015. “If you go to buy a gun, believe me,  it’s regulated. Guns are in hands of mostly good people, just like police officers are mostly good people. Yes, there are bad ones. But you can’t make a sweeping take-away-the-whole-Second- Amendment over this.”