‘Malignant Narcissism’: Bill Maher Trashes Hollywood Elites Who Want To Run For Political Office

(Screenshot/Real Time with Bill Maher via YouTube)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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Comedian Bill Maher criticized celebrities running for political office on his show Friday, saying that governing is a job best suited for the qualified.

“Someone must explain why celebrities running for high office is a recurring nightmare we cannot seem to shake,” Maher began in a seven-minute excerpt on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”
“[Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson], Caitlyn Jenner, Matthew McConaughey, Randy Quaid, they all have suggested lately that when it comes to running the country they have what it takes and they do malignant narcissism,” he said. (RELATED: ‘Insulated Hollywood Bubble-Dweller’: Patton Oswalt Criticized For Tweet Mocking Shutdown Protesters)

Johnson suggested last month that he would run for president if he felt that that “is what the people want.” The former professional wrestler and actor told TODAY that he has a “goal to unite our country.”
In April, Caitlyn Jenner filed paperwork to run in the upcoming California gubernatorial elections as incumbent Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom faces a recall election. The media personality and California socialite will be running as a Republican.
Randy Quaid has also suggested that he is “seriously considering” a California gubernatorial bid, according to ABC News, while McConaughey reportedly has expressed interest in running for Texas governor.
Maher took a shot at all of them in his tirade against politically ambitious celebrities.
“I’m sure Caitlyn Jenner is a nice person, but as California governor, she would be in charge of the world’s fifth-largest economy based on her qualifications of being a background character in a reality show not about her,” he said.
“Randy Quaid, who you will remember as Cousin Eddie in the vacation movies and as guy rooting through your recycling bin in real life also says he might want to run our state,” Maher said of Quaid.

“I’m not saying that … these candidates haven’t led lifetimes of glorious achievement. [Dwayne Johnson] proved once and for all that weight lifters can drive. Matthew introduced Lincolns to stoners, and Caitlyn married the woman who married the guy who defended O.J. [Simpson],” the comedian further said.
Maher expressed that his concern was not these actors were actors but that they, in his view, aren’t qualified enough to do the job that governing.
Maher also took a jab at former President Donald Trump, suggesting that, in his view, the Biden administration was a return to better governance as opposed to the Trump administration.
During the past five months, since President Joe Biden took office, the United States faces an ongoing border crisis at the southern border, rising inflation, and an increase in government spending. 
“Did we all not just witness the cautionary tale named Donald Trump? The last four years was a warning, not an inspiration,” the television show host said.
“Things in America have been a little different these last five months that’s because there are people back in charge who spent their formative years not on a sound stage but studying the stuff you need to know to be effective on the world stage.”