Georgia Town Is Using Tax Dollars To Build A Chicken Over 60 Feet High

(Screenshot/Youtube/Public — User: Fitzgerald Chicken Cam)

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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A rural town in Southern Georgia is using tax dollars to build a statue of a chicken that is over 60 feet tall in order to attract tourists, a local outlet reported Wednesday.

Penny sales tax dollars earmarked for tourism projects are being used to build the attraction, which will be taller than the 59-foot-tall Sauroposeidon — the largest dinosaur ever found, according to The Associated Press. When complete, the chicken will be a topiary sculpture — made of various shrubs and living plants growing on its massive frame, WALB-TV reported. Topiary Joe, a Tennessee-based artist, is responsible for dressing the frame in foliage, according to WALB-TV.

Fitzgerald, Georgia officials previously announced plans to build the colossal chicken in 2019, according to the AP.

Fitzgerald Mayor Jim Puckett told WALB-TV there’s no rush to finish the chicken.

“This is not a model kit that you just snap together. No one’s ever built a 62-foot steel chicken before,” Puckett said, according to WALB-TV.

The famous Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia, which is connected to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, stands 56 feet tall, according to the AP. (RELATED: Subway makes 3-foot BBQ chicken bust of RGIII)

At the base of the humongous hen, according to the building plans, will include a room that can be rented to Fitzgerald visitors, the AP reported. Puckett claimed that newlyweds have contacted him about booking the room for their honeymoon, according to WALB-TV.

“This is going to be fantastic when it’s finished,” Puckett added, WALB-TV reported. The public can keep tabs on the chicken’s construction progress via a live-stream “Chicken Cam” on Youtube.