REPORT: ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Scores Highest Opening Box Office Numbers Since The Start Of The Pandemic

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Paramount Pictures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpdDN9d9Jio)

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“A Quiet Place Part II” reportedly scored the highest opening numbers at the box office since the start of the pandemic.

The sequel raked in roughly $19.3 millionFriday and $14.9 million Saturday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is expected to gross $57 million from its debut, the outlet reported.

Are we seeing the return of the Hollywood movie industry? Quite possibly. (RELATED: Domestic Box Office Made $5,179 From March 20 Through March 26 In 2020, Made $204 Million Over The Same Period Of 2019)

The numbers for “A Quiet Place Part II” are most likely going to line up with the debut of the original “A Quiet Place,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original film brought in $50.2 million in its opening weekend, the outlet reported.

“This is a huge win for theatrical,” Paramount Distribution President Chris Aronson told The Hollywood Reporter. “The theatrical business has been changed numerous times throughout history but never to the point where theaters was shut down for months and months.”

Since movie theaters have reopened and mask mandates have been lifted in most states, I wonder if we’ll start to see better box office numbers for films moving forward. There’s also just the possibility that “A Quiet Place Part II” was a highly anticipated film that drew people back into theaters.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this is a comeback for Hollywood.