‘The Chinese Have Us Over A Barrel Of Wet Bats’: Greg Gutfeld Says US Might Not Sue China If American Money Funded Research

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld warned that suing the Chinese over the impact of the coronavirus pandemic could be problematic if the U.S. had partially funded the research.

Gutfeld joined his co-hosts on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying that any American involvement in gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology could get in the way of holding the Chinese accountable if it was determined that the virus had leaked from a lab. (RELATED: ‘No Transparency’: Greg Gutfeld Calls Joe Biden The ‘Paid Spokesman’ For A Product No One Will Ever See)


“Let’s assume that the Chinese, this lab is where the leak came from … What do we do going from here? What is the answer?” co-host Harold Ford Jr. asked.

“This is an interesting problem because I think that Chinese have us over a barrel of wet bats because all they have to do is show that we had any bit of funding during this, right? If the United States helped fund this thing, how is the United States gonna sue them?” he asked. “We will have to sue ourselves because — I kind of think that we had some funding. I keep hearing the story about how they waived the restrictions that allowed the funding to continue.”

“And I think that that is probably why nothing is going to happen, because we might have our fingers all over those bats,” Gutfeld continued.

He then pivoted to address the media’s reaction to the fact that many of them had pushed back on the lab leak theory a year earlier, calling it a conspiracy theory or saying that it had been debunked.

“I like the self-reflection and I agree with Dagen that they are only doing self-reflection because there is no risk of danger involved, Trump already lost,” Gutfeld went on to say, noting that media had doubled down on Trump being wrong in order to damage him politically.

“If you look at every facet of life and how the media impacts it, it is never good whether it is COVID or it’s crime or it’s race or it’s pro-life matters, whatever it is, they added a veneer that makes it far more damaging than it has to be and creates unnecessary pain and suffering for a lot of people,” Gutfeld added. “I mean, imagine if a surgeon decided not to use an effective therapy on your kid because he went to school with the scientists and they did not get along? That’s the media.”

Co-host Jesse Watters joked that the obvious solution would be to get rid of all media other than Fox.

Gutfeld concluded by saying that the problem wasn’t the fact that media had been wrong but that they had been fully invested in the idea that the other side could not be right.

“They attacked people who brought up the lab theory, calling them kooks and conspiracy theorists,” Dagen McDowell agreed.