‘Destabilizing For You’: Joe Scarborough Claims Some People Have ‘Forgotten What It’s Like To Be Americans’ Because Of Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blamed former President Donald Trump for “destabilizing” Americans during a Tuesday segment of “Morning Joe.”

Scarborough argued that because the last four or five years had been “destabilizing,” people had “forgotten what it was like to be Americans.” That, he said, was why so many people had criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for tweeting about a “long weekend” rather than the sacrifices of military service members as Memorial Day Weekend kicked off. (RELATED: ‘You’re Ranting Again’: Rep. Maloney Accuses Joe Scarborough Of Pushing Republican ‘Defund Police’ Talking Points)


Scarborough began by noting that, on Memorial Day, Americans should remember not just those who died in battle but also those who had died from the effects of battle.

“And we’ve certainly seen it over the past decade, the past 20 years, the numbers of young Americans committing suicide that served our country in uniform. And it’s something that bears repeating every day about those remarkable sacrifices,” Scarborough said.

“Willie, speaking of trite, and I hate to bring this up, I really do, but speaking of trite, you look at the trite attacks of the vice president on Friday,” Scarborough continued, saying that if people wanted to criticize Harris on policy he was fine with that but they shouldn’t attack for telling them to have a nice long weekend.

“Let me just educate everybody out there. I know some of you are new at this. Some of you maybe have forgotten what it’s like to be Americans. I know the last four, five years have been sort of destabilizing for you,” Scarborough added.

“Un-American,” Mika Brzezinski interrupted, laughing.

“I didn’t say that. Destabilizing for you. Memorial Day was yesterday. Memorial Day weekend is over the weekend,” Scarborough said, suggesting that Trump’s tweets might not hold up well in a direct comparison.

“A guy who for four and a half years had absolutely no idea how to connect with those who have sacrificed for this country,” Scarborough concluded. “It made what happened on Friday all sort of the more trite. The more sad, that people were that desperate to attack on this weekend.”