Shocking Video Shows Huge Grizzly Bear Charging Armed Park Ranger


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A YouTube video surfaced Monday of a grizzly bear charging at a Yellowstone National Park ranger who was controlling tourist traffic through the park.

The park ranger appears to be shocked by the bear’s sudden charge at him during the video. He disappears from camera view and then fires several projectiles at the bear, who pauses near the road. The bear then scrambles away into the forest as the park ranger’s projectiles — apparently rubber bullets — grow increasingly louder.

Photographer Deby Dixon told For The Win Outdoors that the YouTube user captured the footage Friday evening near Roaring Mountain.  (RELATED: Yellowstone Rangers Hunting For Woman Who Took Video Of Charging Bear)

In a Facebook post, Dixon wrote that the bear had followed a sow — or female bear — around all day and charged at six cars on Friday in Yellowstone when people blocked the bear’s path.

“The sow would cross the road and then people would pull their car up in front of the boar to get photos, blocking him,” Dixon wrote on Facebook.

“Even after this boar charged the ranger, several visitors and photographers were standing along the road, watching the sow leave, despite not knowing where the boar had gone,” she added.