LeBron James Forfeits Honor Of Playing For Team USA In Order To Promote ‘Space Jam 2’

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot BarstoolBigCat)

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NBA star LeBron James confirmed he will not be playing for team USA in the summer Olympics and instead will spend time promoting his upcoming film “Space Jam 2.”

James made the revelation Thursday after the Los Angeles Lakers were kicked out of the NBA playoffs by the Phoenix Suns.


“I think I’m going to play for the ‘Tune Squad’ this summer instead of the Olympics,” James told reporters. “That’s what my focus is on. Trying to beat the ‘Monstars’ or the ‘Goon Squad.’ So, didn’t have much success versus the Suns, so now I am gearing my attention to the ‘Goon Squad’ here in July, in mid-July.” (RELATED: LeBron James Eliminated From The Playoffs In Humiliating Fashion, Refuses To Shake Hands Like A Coward)

“So, I’m gonna let the ankle rest for about a month and then I’m going to gear up with Lola, Taz, Granny, Bugs and the rest of the crew,” LeBron added. “So hopefully I’ll see y’all at the match.”

James was accused of poor sportsmanship during the playoff series against the Suns. James walked off the court and spent the rest of the game in the locker room with almost six minutes left on the clock Wednesday. Following Thursday’s loss, James left the court without congratulating the Suns on the win.