Savage Brawl Breaks Out In Walmart, Leaves One Man Sucker-Punched

(Screenshot/YouTube/New York Post)

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A video posted online Thursday shows a Walmart employee knocking a customer out cold with one punch after allegedly getting spat on.

A 14-second video originally uploaded to Facebook shows the customer — a man in black shorts and a brown hooded sweatshirt — hitting the security worker with a cart full of groceries before turning around to supposedly walk away.

The employee’s colleague, wearing a yellow vest, tries to restrain the employee by pulling him back. However, the clip shows the security guard breaking free, running up to the shopper and punching him in the face, after which the shopper crumbles to the ground, seemingly unconscious.


The brawl escalated after the shopper moved his head forward, allegedly spitting on the security worker, which reportedly angered the employee. (RELATED: Fight Breaks Out A Gas Station In Absurd Viral Video)

The in-store clash caught on video took place in Englewood, Colorado, on Tuesday, spokesperson for Walmart Casey Staheli told The New York Times.

Staheli said that the staffer was a contracted, third-party security service provider not associated with the company. The spokesman also added that the worker has since been banned from working at the retail chain’s stores for sucker-punching the shopper.

Staheli could not confirm if the customer spat on the worker, which supposedly caused the outrage.

It is unknown at the time if any arrests were made following the incident.