Psychiatrist Said She Fantasized About Shooting White People At Yale University Lecture

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A psychiatrist said she had fantasized about shooting white people during a lecture at Yale University on April 6, according to a Friday report.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani, a Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, gave a lecture at Yale University titled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind” about the ways in which violence and racism have been psychologically embedded in white people since colonial times, according to Common Sense With Bari Weiss. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Says The ‘System’ And Politicians Want Black And White People To Hate Each Other) 

“I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step,” Khilanani said. “Like I did the world a fucking favor.”

Violence is a part of white people’s identities and they continuously identify themselves as superheroes to justify their actions, she said, according to Bari Weiss. The psychiatrist claimed people of color are asking a “demented, violent predator who thinks they are a saint or a superhero, to accept responsibility.”

“White people have been out of their minds since Western colonialism, it was the worst violence the world has ever seen. ”

“White people tell themselves they are the superheroes of the world,” she said. “They started this lie to justify their violence. White people are out of their minds and they have been for a long time.”

In an interview with Katie Herzog Thursday, Khilanani said she experienced racism as a student at Cornell and Columbia University and was beaten by a patient’s family member due to her race. She told Herzog that white people suffer mentally rather than from their position in their world caused by colonialism.

She added that white people feel a level of guilt that is incomparable to others. She claimed white people do not eat bread due to their guilt.

“White people have an intense level of guilt. I have never seen a level of guilt that I see among white people. I mean, white people don’t eat bread. Think about that. There have been wars all over the world over grains and bread and only here, white people are depriving themselves,” she said.

The education system has pushed a curriculum teaching about the ways in which racism is embedded in America’s culture and institutions, including Critical Race Theory. In recent years, faculty and speakers at Yale University have insulted white people, including the dean who was put on leave for calling white people “trash” in 2017.

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