Pants On Backwards? The Latest Trump Scandal Had Liberals Intently Focused On His Crotch

Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images

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During former President Donald Trump’s speech in North Carolina, he allegedly wore his pants backwards – sparking thousands of tweets.

Trump’s Saturday speech at the North Carolina GOP convention was his first appearance since CPAC in February. But instead of focusing on the content of his speech, the left decided to obsess over the former president’s pants being “on backwards.” Despite fact-checkers labeling the claim as false, the story blew up on social media as liberals were quick to mock him.

“I was today old when I found out what ‘FUPA’ is, thanks to #Trumppants… and now I’m emotionally scarred,” MSNBC host Joy Reid said. “So thanks for that, Twitter.”

Author Tomi Ahonen named Trump “#DiaperDon” and wrote an entire poem about the debacle.

Songwriter Shawn Patterson slammed Trump for his “ill-fit, sloppy and clearly, untailored” suit. (RELATED: ‘He Took A Guess’: Joy Behar Says Trump Scapegoated China, It’s Just A ‘Lucky Break’ That He Was Right)

The scandal made its way to television and was discussed on The View. Co-host Meghan McCain said that “ex-presidents have to present themselves in a way where they’re going to be taken seriously or you can look like a crazy ex mad king.”

“He’s been like a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago and he just looks really disheveled, he doesn’t look good,” she added.

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in and said Trump’s pants “make him look crazy.” After the discussion, The View did point out that Snopes had fact-checked the claim that Trump wore his pants backward and determined it was false.

The story even made it to legacy media. NPR ran a story debunking the narrative that Trump wore his pants backwards and New York Magazine wrote that “Trump Successfully Wore Pants Correctly at Rally.” The Daily Mail, Newsweek, The Wrap and The Sun also chimed in on the issue.