‘No One Has Been To Europe. We’re Not Allowed’: Jesse Watters Mocks Kamala Harris’ Deflection On Border Absence

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for deflecting on the U.S.-Mexico border during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Watters zeroed in on Harris’ flippant response to NBC anchor Lester Holt — “and I haven’t been to Europe” — when he pressed her on the fact that she had not yet made an official visit to the border.


Cohost Katie Pavlich responded to video of Harris’ interview with Holt, saying, “Jesse, my new excuse for everything is, ‘but I haven’t been to Europe in the last three months.'”

“No one has been to Europe. We are not allowed to go to Europe,” Watters shot back, making an apparent reference to travel limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic and prompting laughter.

Watters went on to make an analogy, asking what might happen if his wife Emma were to come home and find that there were bees in the house because he had left the door open.

“She says, ‘Jesse, there’s bees in the house, do something.’ And I say, ‘I’ll take care of this. I am going to deal with root causes,'” he continued, saying that he would then leave the house — leaving the door open again — to go over to a neighbor’s house and talk to him about his beehive.

“That’s what Kamala Harris is doing. She’s wasting time at the neighbor’s house talking about a beehive. All we wanted her to do was to go to the door and close the door,” Watters concluded.

“Did this happen?” Dana Perino asked, and several of Watters’ cohosts apparently thought the analogy rang true.

Greg Gutfeld agreed, saying, “That was very vivid.”

“Is it a real story?” Pavlich asked.

“The root causes thing is a cop-out. They are buying time,” Watters concluded. “If they cared about root causes, they would go to Wuhan and check out the lab, but they don’t.”