Michigan Hangs Embarrassing And Pathetic Ohio State Sign In Their Weight Room

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Michigan’s football team has hit a new low.

According to MaizenBrew.com, the Wolverines have hung a sign in their weight room that reads, “What Are You Doing To Beat Ohio State Today?” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Despite the incredibly pathetic nature of such a sign, it’s 100% real. You can give it a look below.

Jim Harbaugh should be fired over a stunt like this. Forget the fact that he’s disappointed time and time again on the field. Forget the fact that Michigan fans are delusional. Forget the fact Michigan appears to be in for another tough year. Forget all of that stuff.

The fact Michigan’s main goal isn’t winning a national title or making the playoff, but simply beating OSU is unbelievably embarrassing.

Imagine if Wisconsin hung a sign that stated “What Are You Doing To Beat Minnesota Today?” We’d be mocked to no end, and we’d deserve it.

If you can’t hold yourself to high standards, then the coaches have to go. It really goes to show how far Michigan has fallen.

You think Ohio State players spend one second of their time worrying about Michigan in the weight room? Hell no. They’re busy winning the B1G more often than not.

Fire Harbaugh immediately, take this horrific sign down and have some self-respect. It’s truly incredible what a joke Michigan football has become.