‘Terrifying And Destructive’: Republican Rep. Sends Letter To West Point Demanding They Stop Teaching Critical Race Theory

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Olivia Ingrassia Contributor
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Republican Florida Rep. Mike Waltz sent a letter to West Point calling for the institution to terminate its instruction of critical race theory.

In his letter to West Point Superintendent Lt. General Darryl Williams, obtained by Fox News Wednesday, Rep. Waltz inquired as to whether the military academy will continue to include critical race theory in its curriculum, and warned of the dangers the teachings pose to the future of the nation.

The Florida representative stated that such instruction puts the nation “on incredibly perilous ground if any future leaders of our military are taught that the civilian institutions and structures with ultimate authority over them … are systemically oppressive and that they therefore have a duty to oppose them.”

“The underlying piece of critical race theory is that civilian institutions in this country are inherently misogynist, racist and colonialist, and therefore, it is our duty to resist them — that is fine for activists — but one of these cadets is going to be the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, and being taught that the Constitution is critically flawed?” Waltz said during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday. “That, to me, is terrifying and destructive.”

Waltz previously sent a letter to West Point leaders in April, requesting copies of teaching materials, after receiving complaints from cadets and their families regarding critical race theory in the curriculum. (RELATED: ‘You Will Be Voted Out’: Former School Board Member Warns District About Promoting Critical Race Theory Without Involving Public)

In response to Waltz, Williams wrote, “extremism in any form is antithetical to the values of our Army and Nation and has no place at West Point,” Fox News reported.

“With regards to critical theory, there is only one course that has this theory as a part of the syllabus.” Williams went on to explain that the course he was referencing was titled ‘The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality.’

The upper-level elective, which averages about 23 cadets per year, is typically taken by students majoring in Political Science, Fox News reported.