‘Stay Away From Me’: Police Put Mandatory Skull Tags, Warnings On Unvaccinated Citizens In India

YouTube Screenshot: NDTV

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People who haven’t received a coronavirus vaccination in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are being forced to wear public identifiers by police, The Independent reported.

Citizens who have not received the vaccination are being forced to have a pamphlet attached to their shirts which contains a skull sign and urging people to not come into close contact with them, The Independent reported. The tag contained the phrase “stay away from me.” The actions come on the heels of a surge of coronavirus cases in India.

Conversely, police were rewarding those who have been vaccinated as well. Police handed out tricolor badges to those that had received their vaccination shots, Independent reported. The badge represents the flag of the country and has text on it that says “I’m a patriot as I’m vaccinated.” (RELATED: India Buys 300,000,000 Doses Of Unapproved, Unnamed COVID-19 Vaccine)

The police have been conducting random checks in Madhya Pradesh and there have been reports of instances in which the police lecture citizens who have not been vaccinated, The Independent reported.

The news agency ANI posted videos showing police questioning random citizens about their reasons for not getting their vaccination shots.

“We are honouring those who have taken the vaccine, and telling those who haven’t,” a cop is heard saying in a video tweeted by ANI. “Tell people I have been vaccinated, which is why I have been felicitated,” the cop told a guy who received a tricolour badge.