Nikole Hannah-Jones Calls Opposition To Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project ‘Dangerous’

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Nikole Hannah-Jones, a writer for the New York Times and the lead author of the 1619 Project, joined MSNBC host Joy Reid for an interview in which she called opposition to critical race theory “dangerous.”

Hannah-Jones said that although the anti-critical race theory laws that have been passed in some states may “appear very silly,”  the United States is “in a dangerous period right now.” She said that laws opposing critical race theory and the 1619 Project allow people to accept civil rights being taken away, which correlates with states “introducing voter suppression laws.”

“I’m actually really concerned at what these laws mean, outside of the fact that they’re antithetical to the First Amendment,” she said. “That is going to lead to some very, very troublesome policies. So we really should be concerned even though the laws seem silly. I don’t think the emotions and the kind of, really, hysteria that they’re intended to invoke is silly at all.” (RELATED: ‘I Plan To Ignore It’: Tennessee Teachers Criticize Critical Race Theory Ban At Public Schools, Say It Will Harm Students)

Reid agreed, citing the “national security threat of white nationalism.” She asked Hannah-Jones what she thought about merging critical race theory – which she claimed has “nothing to do with K – 12 education” – with the 1619 Project as a way of “vilifying” her work and spreading a “dangerous narrative.”

Hannah-Jones claimed that many teachers have not even heard of critical race theory, saying that people are afraid of narratives that challenge “power.”

“That’s what we’re seeing, is a need to hold on to and maintain that power and divide that social movement toward justice by making white Americans, at least a segment of them who will be susceptible to this message believe, no, actually you’re under attack,” Hannah-Jones said. “They’re trying to take your history. They’ve gone too far.”

“And that’s why wedding these together is working so successfully,” she added. “Frankly, the media has played a big role in that, right? Because they were allowing Republicans to really lead with this idea that, look at this bad diversity training. That’s critical race theory gone amuck. Those two things are not related whatsoever. But by telling the stories in that way, we’ve really fallen victim to this propaganda campaign.”