President Biden Goes Totally Silent While Trying To Answer Question About Putin

Screenshot/Twitter @CalebJHull.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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President Joe Biden chuckled and then went silent Monday at the NATO summit after a reporter asked him about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In a weekend interview, Vladimir Putin laughed at the suggestion that you had called him a ‘killer,'” a CNN reporter asked. “Is that still your belief, sir, that he is a killer?”

The reporter followed with a second question, also asking, “Do you believe if he does agree to cooperate, then what kind of a challenge do you find yourself in? How would you ever trust him? And if Ronald Reagan said, ‘trust, but verify,’ what do you say to Vladimir Putin?” (RELATED: ‘I Wish You Good Health’: Putin Responds To Biden’s ‘Killer’ Comments)

Biden laughed and then replied, “The answer to the first question?…. I’m laughing too. Well, actually I… well look, I mean he has made clear that uh, uhh… ”

Biden then paused for seven seconds.

He added, “The answer is, I believe he has in the past essentially acknowledged that he was — there are certain things that he would do or did do. But look, when I was asked that question on air, I answered it honestly, but it’s not much of a — I don’t think it matters a whole lot in terms of this next meeting we’re about to have.”

To answer the second question, Biden responded, “I verify first and then trust.”

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll published in June, 2020, about 40% of voters in the 2020 election believed then-presidential candidate Joe Biden is experiencing some form of dementia. That same poll showed that about 61% of voters believed that Biden should address the dementia issue publicly.