Trump Tears Into NATO: ‘Not Fair To America, Or The American Taxpayer’

Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images

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Former President Donald Trump issued a statement on Monday through his Save America PAC criticizing NATO and the amount of money the United States provides to the organization.

“So much USA money has been given away to the ‘Club,’ as President Macron of France likes to call it, and to NATO, despite the fact that those countries have taken economic advantage of the United States for many years – until I came along,” Trump said. “Not fair to America, or the American taxpayer!”

NATO countries agreed at the 2014 Wales Summit to increase their financial contributions on NATO defense to 2% of their country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Trump has long been a proponent of European countries increasing their financial contributions to NATO. When he was in office, Trump was able to get a commitment from some European countries to honor their commitment on NATO spending. (RELATED: Trump: Media ‘Now Admitting I Was Right About Everything They Lied About’)

“The entire German government agreed to the Cardiff agreement,” Angela Merkel said at a press conference after meeting with Trump and other heads of state in 2017. “We will adhere to this, and we will work towards it.”

Trump’s comments come on the heels of President Biden meeting with NATO leaders today and reinforced the United States’ commitment to NATO, ABC News reported.

“NATO stands together. That’s how we’ve met every other threat in the past,” the president said.

Last week, while speaking to American troops in England, Biden also reinforced his commitment to NATO.

“I will make it clear that the United States’ commitment to our NATO alliance and Article 5 is rock solid,” Biden said. “It’s a sacred obligation.”