GOP House Reps. File Lawsuit Claiming Pelosi Targeted Republicans With Security Protocols


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Republicans Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert and Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde filed a lawsuit asserting that new security protocols put in place by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, are not being uniformly applied to Republicans and Democrats alike.

“Upon information and belief, Speaker Pelosi has instituted an unconstitutional policy of enforcing the Screening Rule against only members of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, and exempting members of the Democratic majority from its enforcement, resulting in only Republican members being fined and having their congressional salaries reduced, all for the purpose of creating a false narrative for the political benefit of the House Democratic majority,” the complaint read.

Gohmert and Clyde contend in the lawsuit that Pelosi put the measures in place to target Republican legislators, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that Clyde was fined $5000 for entering the House chamber in February without going through security screening. It also states that Gohmert was fined for an incident in February where after previously going through screening earlier in the day, he was allowed to enter the House chamber after going to the restroom but after repeating this process the next day, he was subsequently fined. (RELATED: Pelosi Announces Members Of Congress Will Be Fined $5,000 If They Avoid New Metal Detectors)

Clyde also claimed that Pelosi allegedly violated protocol by avoiding metal detectors without any disciplinary action, according to the complaint.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the screening process has delayed several Republicans including Clyde as they rushed to the House chamber, causing them to miss votes. Others, the complaint says, skipped screening to cast their votes and were then fined.

The lawsuit identifies House Sergeant at Arms William Walker and House Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Catherine Szpindor as defendants because of their duties in enforcing Pelosi’s rules, the complaint said.