This Top-Rated Voice-Activated Recorder’s On Sale For Nearly 10% Off

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Today’s gizmos and gadgets are pretty incredible — is there anything we can’t do on our smartphones these days? While modern technology is enough to make our heads spin, seemingly simple tasks, like recording your voice on your go-to voice-memo app, a low battery can really throw a wrench in things. And if you don’t have enough memory on your phone, just forget it.

When you need a reliable recorder, whether you’re watching a lecture, conducting an interview, or simply working through some thoughts, nothing compares to the Dictopro X100. Capable of recording audio from up to 33 feet away, this digital voice-activated recorder is great to have on hand, and it doesn’t even require you to press the “record” button each time you want to begin recording. Seriously.

The next best thing to having your own personal note-taker, the Dictopro X100 allows you to record anything at a moment’s notice, and it never gets complicated by your smartphone. It boasts 2 ultra-sensitive microphones that can capture sound from far and close distances no matter the volume, even if it’s just a discreet conversation between you and your doctor. And conversely, it drowns out loud environmental noise if you’re recording in a public place.

Capable of soring up to 700 hours of recordings, the recorder’s 8GB internal memory is very dependable. And its high-quality aluminum body is meant to withstand a little wear and tear, making it great for taking around with you just about anywhere, year after year. And retrieving recordings is incredibly easy. Simply connect it to your Mac or PC with its included USB cable and drag the files right on over, no problem.

With an impressive 4.1/5-star rating among 2,059 ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say the Dictopro X100 is the real deal. Users of the voice-activated recorder don’t have enough great things to say about the gadget, praising it for being “lightweight,” “easy to operate,” and “reliable.”

Get the Dictopro X100: Digital Voice-Activated Recorder at 9% off, making it just $35.99.

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