Video Shows Broken Railing On Six Flags Ride Where Accident Occurred, Hospitalizing 2

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Willow Brook & Monarch

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A video surfaced Sunday showing the New Jersey Six Flags ride that sent two people to the hospital also had a broken railing.

It’s unclear if the broken railing on the Saw Mill Log Flume ride seen in the video contributed to the accident, according to an article published Wednesday by USA Today.


“I took the video because I thought people should be aware,” Noah Brown told USA Today. “It looked like they did a decent job of getting people out.”

Two people were hospitalized after the accident occurred Sunday, but an eyewitness told that the accident “didn’t look that bad.”

“It was just leaning on an angle,” Steve Thomas told the outlet. “It’s not like they were going to fall out. It honestly didn’t look that bad.” (RELATED: Saudia Arabia Is Planning Record-Breaking Roller Coaster With 500 Feet Drop, Speeds Of 150 MPH)

“I didn’t see it hit the wall but saw it just after,” he added. “A woman in the front appeared to be crying. There was another boat that came down after as well and was situated right behind it. At that point, the ride was stopped.”

A spokesperson for Six Flags did not comment on the accident but revealed the ride was undergoing an inspection.

“The safety of our guests and team members is always our highest priority,” Kristin Fitzgerald told USA Today. “The ride is currently undergoing a thorough inspection by our safety and engineering teams and will remain closed until further notice.”