‘I Don’t Care That You Don’t Care’: Whoopi Goldberg Blows Up At Meghan McCain Over Biden Press Conference


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain got into a heated exchange over President Joe Biden’s Wednesday press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Goldberg mentioned the press conference during Thursday’s broadcast of “The View” on ABC, noting that Biden had snapped at CNN White House correspondent and former Daily Caller reporter Kaitlan Collins — and McCain argued that Biden’s response reminded her of former President Donald Trump. (RELATED: ‘This Meeting Is Almost Meaningless’: Meghan McCain Says US Has ‘Given Power And Money To Vladimir Putin’)


Goldberg also noted that ABC reporter Rachel Scott had confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin directly during his separate press conference, asking him about the number of his political opponents who were either dead or in prison: “What are you so afraid of?”

Goldberg then turned the question to McCain, asking whether she had been surprised by either situation — Scott asking Putin the tough question or Biden snapping at Collins.

“The Rachel Scott one. I mean, you have to imagine what it’s like being in a foreign country talking to one of the worst human rights violators in the entire world. That takes guts. I’m proud of her,” McCain said before turning her attention to Biden.

McCain argued that Trump had often gotten testy with reporters, but that didn’t excuse it when Biden behaved in the same way. (RELATED: ‘Let’s Get Something Straight’: Biden Balks When Peter Doocy Refers To Chinese President Xi As His ‘Old Friend’)

“Just because Trump was so bad, it doesn’t absolve Biden’s bad behavior. What he just did was 100% Trump-y. I would just like a little intellectual consistency. If Trump had done that, we would be screaming at the top of our lungs one way or another,” she said. “I just think that I have heard many people in this town, in D.C., talking that the press is getting sick of this. Of how censored he is, who he can and cannot talk to, and then spouting off to her in a way that I found not only unbecoming and ridiculous, but to do it in a foreign country, it was particularly bizarre.”

McCain acknowledged that Biden had apologized for the way he spoke to Collins, but that he had continued to make light of the exchange afterward. “It’s in no one’s best interest to treat him like it’s state TV,” she continued, saying that the press had in large part given Biden a pass.

Goldberg interrupted to point out that she had never heard Trump apologize to a reporter, but McCain pushed back.

“With all due respect, I don’t care if he’s apologizing. He just embarrassed himself.” McCain said.

“I don’t care that you don’t care,” Goldberg shot back.

“I don’t care that you don’t care. We’re even,” McCain repeated as Goldberg kept talking.

“Well, good, Meghan. You can be how you always are,” Goldberg said.

“You can be how you always are,” McCain said.