Video Shows ‘Reckless’ Airbnb Party Going Rogue, Triggers Rental Company To Crack Down On Guest

(Facebook/Screenshot/Public — User: Daj Williams)

Caroline Kucera Contributor
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Home and vacation rental company Airbnb will pursue legal action against guests who completely trashed a house in North Dallas, Texas, by throwing a wild party.  

Airbnb spokesman Ben Breit told CBS 11 News in a statement Friday that the violence and disrespect shown to the home is “completely unacceptable” and that the company “will pursue legal claims and damages against the booking guest who held this reckless event, in addition to a lifetime ban from our community.”

A viral video shows party guests in North Dallas acting in an unruly manner, bashing televisions, kicking in doors, destroying walls and turning over furniture. Red Solo cups litter the floor and lawn, and shouts from the rowdy partiers are heard in the video. 

Daj Williams allegedly attended the party and posted the videos online, claiming that chaos ensued after the people who rented the home said that they were ready for bed and the party had ended.

“This is exactly why I don’t go to parties!” Williams wrote. 


The statement also noted Airbnb has suspended the listing for the time being, and is working with local law enforcement and the Neighborhood Support Line to investigate the incident.  (RELATED: REPORT: Airbnb Paid Woman Millions To Keep Her Quiet After She Was Allegedly Raped In Rental)

Airbnb currently has a party ban in place which was first introduced in August 2020 due to COVID-19 and capped rental occupancies at 16 people. The ban was extended in May through the end of the summer, though many of the company’s rentals already prohibit large gatherings.