‘Policy-Wise, It’s Still The Bush-Cheney Party’: Tucker Carlson Rips RNC For Ad Attacking Joe Biden Over Russia


Greg Price Contributor
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Thursday for releasing an ad portraying President Joe Biden as not tough enough on Russia.

Carlson, along with guest Richard Hanania of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology (CSPI), ripped into the GOP for the ad, which was titled “Morning In Russia,” saying that it distracts from the bigger threat of China and highlights the outdated thinking of the party on foreign policy.


“The Democratic Party spent the last four years in a McCarthyite froth over Russia. They told us that Russia, not China, was the real threat to the United States. Well that was absurd of course, it was absurd then, it’s absurd now maybe even more so. The funny part is that over at The Republican National Committee, they believed it. How do we know? This is a real ad just released by the RNC,” Carlson began the segment.

Carlson then turned to Hanania and asked him why the RNC would release an ad attacking Biden for not being tough enough on Russia.

“In 2016, Trump ran on the idea of ‘America first’ and rain on the idea of not being involved in foreign conflicts. He was very strongly against NATO and he said it was obsolete. If people haven’t noticed, the country NATO was designed to counter hasn’t existed for 30 years. Republicans found it beneficial to adopt this rhetoric. Unfortunately on policy, and we seen this time and time again, it’s still basically the Bush-Cheney party,” Hanania responded.

“Now you understand why Democrats sort of like NATO. It’s become something of a social engineering project,” Hanania continued. “The U.S. through the State Department, through the Pentagon is really pushing identity politics, pushing you to things like race conscious politics in France, ideas about gender identity, gender fluidity into Eastern Europe, so I think it makes ideological sense for the Democrats to be all in on NATO and sort of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance.”

“The thing that they were most upset about was that he would dare do what he ran on, which was pulled back from NATO, pull back from commitments in Eastern Europe. It’s very strange though that Republicans at the same time are joining the Democrats in voting for NATO expansion, attacking Biden just like they attacked [former President Barack] Obama for being too hawkish. They found the rhetoric of putting America first in their foreign policy, they found that beneficial. Unfortunately, policy-wise, it’s still the Bush-Cheney party,” Hanania concluded. (RELATED: ‘It Was A Good Day For Russia’: Trump Says US Got Nothing Out Of Meeting With Putin)

Biden recently announced that his administration would waive sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and halt military aid to Ukraine.