Charles Payne: Juneteenth Reminds Me Of My Mother. ‘She Raised Us To Seize The Future And Not Be Chained To The Past’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Charles Payne reflected on Juneteenth, the day that marks the end of slavery in America, being marked as a federal holiday and said it reminds him of his mother who raised him “to seize the future and not be chained to the past.”

“Now Juneteenth allows us, I’m talking all Americans, to acknowledge the past while freeing us up all to look ahead,” Payne explained on his Fox Business “Making Money with Charles Payne” on Friday.

“This is made possible by the wisdom of the framers of the Constitution, when they crafted that document, that would allow a new nation to overcome the largest hurdles and obstacles toward a just and prosperous society,” he added. “I’m talking about human impulses.” (RELATED:Charles Payne Unloads On Harvard After University Refuses To Return Coronavirus Relief Cash)


The Fox Business host said it was sad to see the day was “already being politicized or deliberately misconstrued even before the ink is dried.” (RELATED: Charles Payne Digs Into Al Sharpton For Making ‘Millions Of Dollars’ While ‘Stoking The Flames Of Anger’)

“Nobody is confusing this with July 4, Independence Day, and its creation belies the constant extremes this nation does not admit to its past, the good and the bad,” Charles shared. “I personally prefer to dwell on the fact that it happened at all. I prefer to dwell on the fact that in this country, we have fought and beaten the worst in human nature.”

The news host said when he thinks of this day he “can see the faces of those enslaved people weeping tears of joy” and said he believes they “moved very quickly to embrace their new lives” and we today “should take their queue. ”

“When I think of Juneteenth, I also think of my mother,” he added. “Born and raised in Union Town, Alabama she saw and lived through things that no longer happened in America. She was never bitter, and she hid the pain of her life the best she could, although she would cry on Sundays while she was listening to Mahalia Jackson and or other gospel greats.”

“She raised us to seize the future and not be chained to the past, not to allow the bondage of yesteryear stall our own potential, our own opportunities,” Charles continued. “When I think of Juneteenth, I think of freedom. I think of America moving forward, I think of the greatness of people that endured the harshest of human treatment to see the children enjoy those certain unalienable rights endowed by their creator. Juneteenth is a good thing for all Americans, so let’s all go out and seize the day.”