Teenage Brothers Charged With Murder After Being Caught Dumping Victim’s Body In Woods


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Two New Jersey brothers were charged with murder Thursday after a Pennsylvania officer allegedly caught the duo trying to dump the victim’s body in the woods, authorities announced.

19-year-old Anthony Gamble and 17-year-old Joshua Gamble of Somerset, New Jersey, were both charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, possession of an instrument of crime and tampering with evidence, the Bucks County District Attorney announced Thursday. Joshua is being charged as an adult, while both brothers were denied bail, according to court records.

The incident unfolded around 12:03 a.m. Thursday when a Pennsylvania State Trooper noticed a disabled Subaru with New Jersey license plates in Richland Township. Authorities said they also found an Audi with Florida license plates roughly 100 feet from the Subaru. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Strangled Girlfriend Before Trying To Sell Car With Her Dead Body Inside, Police Say)

As the trooper walked toward the Audi, he noticed a male lying on the ground in the nearby woods. The officer called out to the individual, later identified as Joshua, but received no response. Joshua had blood on his shoes and was wearing a glove on his left hand. Joshua also had a Subaru fob key that was covered in blood, according to authorities. As Joshua was being detained, Anthony, with blood on his shoes and shirt, ran out from the woods toward the Subaru before also being arrested.

Troopers then found “a substantial amount of blood” inside the Audi and found the body of an unidentified man lying in the woods nearby. The victim “appeared to have stab wounds” on his head, neck, upper chest and arm. Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said during a press conference the victim appears to be within a decade of the suspects.

After further investigation, a bloody knife was found in the Audi, along with two cell phones and sanitizing wipes. Authorities also determined that Joshua bought the wipes and the gloves from a 7-Eleven just 20 minutes before police arrived.

“It is very difficult to kill somebody with a knife,” Weintraub said during a press conference. “It is often an intimate crime, you have to be within arm’s length to kill somebody with a knife and stab somebody more than once. Certainly we will be arguing that that is evidence of specific intent to kill.”

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.