Tucker Carlson Criticizes Media For Being Guardians Of The Powerful, Instead Of Challenging Them

Fox News/Screenshot

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on the “Ruthless” podcast Thursday and criticized the media for defending people in power instead of challenging them.

Carlson, the former co-founder of the Daily Caller, said that the reason journalists are protected under the First Amendment is that they are meant to challenge those in power. He went on to call out the media defending powerful people as “immoral.” (RELATED: Why Are MSNBC, Liberals, And The White House Lying About ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ And ‘White Men’?)

“More broadly is that these are people who are reflexive defenders of the regime, the establishment, the people who already have power and don’t need defending,” Carlson said on the show. “And I just find that a grotesque orientation for journalists. I mean, the whole point, the reason we exist is to push back on behalf of people who have no power against people who do. Period.”

“Their view is anyone who challenges the people in power must be crushed,” Carlson continued.

“To flip that on its head and become a defender of like, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates … that’s immoral. You’re not supposed to do that.”

He said that he did not consider CNN a “liberal” network and in fact, said that he considered himself more “liberal” than CNN.

“Everyone’s like, ‘CNN is liberal.’ No, it’s not. Guess who’s liberal, me,” Tucker said. “I think you should leave weird people alone and if someone’s got strange religious or political views and wants to have a compound and have nine wives, leave them alone. I mean that’s how I feel.”

He said that CNN and other legacy media don’t like him because he will “occasionally call bullshit on the people in power.”

The Fox News host said that reporters everywhere are “working as vaccine salesmen” for big pharma instead of asking questions about the vaccine. Carlson clarified that he is not against vaccines, but the “extraordinarily high” harm rate from the COVID vaccine should be investigated.