‘Loves To Be Up Everybody’s A**’: Bill Maher Goes After Democrat-Led California For Its Regulations

Screenshot. Real Time With Bill Maher. YouTube.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Bill Maher criticized California on Friday for being the most heavily-regulated state in the nation yet failing to properly enforce laws that protect the state’s water resources.

“We are the most regulated state in the nation with more than 395,000 regulatory restrictions,” Maher said on “Real Time With Bill Maher.” “It is a constant nightmare of inspectors and permits and fees. In this state, if you get to your car 10 seconds after the parking meter expires, it’s already gone and you’ll never see it again.”

Maher went on to say that California has rules about “every nitpicky thing you can imagine,” including not being able to climb a tree or fly a kite in parks in Beverly Hills. (RELATED: ‘Progressophobia’: Bill Maher Torches Liberals For Refusing To Acknowledge How Far America Has Come)

“But for 30 years Nestle took water out of the San Bernardino National Forest under a permit that expired in 1988 and Coca Cola is somehow allowed to take water from municipal water supplies, stick it in bottles, and sell it back to the taxpayers who own the water to begin with,” he continued.

“For a state that just loves to be up everybody’s ass all the time, water management might be a better place to direct that instinct,” Maher added. “When it comes to regulations, either go big or go home or I’m going to find a new home because my house is one gender reveal party away from burning down while I’m asleep.”