Study: Top Companies Rising In Brand Value Are Predominantly Chinese-Owned


Lacey Kestecher Contributor
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Four of the top five companies rising in brand value are Chinese-owned, according to a study by Kantzar Brandz.

The top five companies rising in brand value are Tesla, social media company TikTok, e-commerce platforms Pinduoduo and Meituan and liquor company Moutai. The Chinese companies surpass U.S.-owned Instagram in growth, according to Kantzar Brandz.

While Amazon, Apple and Google are the top three most valuable global brands, Chinese companies grow in the ranks. Facebook, ranked in sixth, is placed between Chinese-owned Tencent and Alibaba, ranked fifth and seventh respectively.

Global strategy director at Kantzar Graham Staplehurst said, “Chinese brands are steadily and slowly progressing, and have made significant headway as more companies leverage their own technological developments and demonstrate their abilities to align with the major trends shaping China and the global market,” according to Reuters. (RELATED: LinkedIn Blocks Profile That Mentions Tiananmen Square Massacre)

Chinese consumers are proving to have a growing influence in global business trends. Newcomer brands from China include Pinduoduo, an e-commerce platform, and Ke Holdings, a real estate agent company. China is also an emerging brand leader in various markets. The Chinese company Moutai is “the world’s most valuable alcohol brand.” Nio, Li Auto and Xpeng are among the electric car companies competing in the Chinese market, according to Kantzar.

Chinese companies are amongst the top global competitors to Apple, Samsung and Xbox. Chinese-owned Huawei and Xiaomi are targeting consumers in Europe, Africa and Asia seeking smart devices for more affordable prices.