‘At Least It’s Not A Cicada’: Fly Perches On Psaki’s Head During Press Conference

Screenshot- The Hill on Twitter

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A fly perched on White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s head during a Monday press conference and the clip went briefly viral.

A reporter warned her about the insect before asking a question.

“Thank you, I think there’s a fly on your head,” the reporter said.

“Oh, thank you guys,” Psaki responded, brushing it off. “At least it’s not a cicada.”

“I was like, is there breaking news?” the press secretary joked.

The situation was similar to the vice presidential debate during the 2020 election when a fly landed on former Vice President Mike Pence’s head for nearly two minutes while he was talking about Breonna Taylor and the police. In 2016, a fly landed on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s face during the presidential debate. (RELATED: ‘Mark Of The Devil’: MSNBC Guest Says Fly Landing On Pence Was Historical Sign Of Sin)

“That fly got Hillary, Pence and now Psaki haha its gotta be the same fly,” former counterterrorism officer Drew Berquist said on Twitter. (RELATED: A Fly Landed On Hillary Clinton’s Face In The Middle Of The Presidential Debate)