880-Pound White Shark Seen On The East Coast

(Credit: Shutterstock Lewis Burnett)

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A white shark weighing 880 pounds was tracked along the Jersey Shore and Long Island, according to a shark tracker called OCEARCH, it was reported Tuesday.

The shark is known as “Freya,” which means “noble woman,” and has been tracked through pinging for nearly three months, according to the data at the shark tracker. Freya’s first ping was on March 26 along the coast of South Carolina. It appeared she swam 1,080 miles up the coast as of Tuesday and ended up near the Tri-State Region. (RELATED: Massive Hammerhead Shark Shows Up On A Beach In Florida In Crazy Video)

Freya’s journey took her up along the east coast and was recently spotted in Delaware Bay on Thursday night before moving up to the Jersey Shore, OCEARCH stated on a Facebook post. The shark has been following schools of Menhaden for feeding, OCEARCH said.

Reports of shark sightings along the east coast have increased as the summer season hits the U.S. In May, a gigantic shark washed up on the shores of a beach in North Carolina. Lifeguards at Cape Cod this past weekend were forced to issue a no-swimming order on both Saturday and Sunday because of sharks being spotted in the area, the Boston Herald reported.

“A temporary no-swimming order has been issued by CCNS Lifeguards at Head of the Meadow beach,” the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app alert stated.