REPORT: Wisconsin Basketball Players Air Their Issues With Greg Gard In Secretly Recorded Audio

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Several Wisconsin basketball players had serious issues with head coach Greg Gard.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, secretly recorded audio from February 2021 shows the seven seniors on the team last year airing their grievances with Gard, and it’s a very tough look for everyone involved. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

According to the report, multiple players complained about Gard’s attitude towards them, and the only player who really seemed to like Gard is Davison, who returned for another year.

“I just feel like, coach, we don’t have a relationship. In my mind, it’s too late for that. I personally don’t think or feel like you care about our future aspirations…At this point, it’s probably too late to fix that. It’s not too late to win these games and go on a run together. But it’s also for the people behind us. I don’t want to have someone deal with the same (expletive) that I’ve felt I’ve had to deal with,” former forward Nate Reuvers told Gard, according to the same report.


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Former star Micah Potter apparently had issues with Gard defending players and added, “Actions speak louder. You say you’re going to do all this stuff, you say you’re going to fight, you say you’re going to do whatever. But in reality, you don’t back it up with your actions. You look like a hypocrite and that makes people not trust you even more.”


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As mentioned above, Brad Davison was really the only one who seemed to like Gard, and he told the Wisconsin State Journal after the audio was leaked, “Our relationship, yeah, it’s not always perfect. I don’t think any player’s relationship is perfect with their coach, but it’s one that I value and I cherish and I’m thankful that he’s my mentor for my coaching career that I want to start someday.”

Eventually, Gard apologized and took responsibility for the atmosphere that had been created, according to an unnamed player in the room.


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I have very conflicted feelings here, and as stated above, it’s a tough look for everyone involved. Obviously, the players don’t feel close to Gard, and that’s less than ideal.

However, my biggest issue here is that someone secretly recorded a private conversation between a coach and his players in an attempt to make Gard look bad.

That’s 100% acceptable. As someone who used to work in college basketball, it’s not always easy. Tensions often boil over the top.

However, you know what you never do? You never go public with it. You deal with it like a man privately. I’ve seen stuff that would put these grievances to shame, but I never saw anyone run to the press.

Luckily, all these seniors other than Davison are gone, Gard seems to be aware of the issues and it’s no time to move forward. Whoever leaked this audio recording should be ashamed. It’s absolutely pathetic.