New York Man Smashes Car Windshield With Baseball Bat, Allegedly Over Car Collision, Video Shows

(Screenshot / NBC New York)

Logan Washburn Contributor
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A video shows a man smashing a windshield with a baseball bat after reportedly getting into a traffic collision, it was reported Tuesday.

The father, who asked to remain unidentified, was driving on the Staten Island Expressway with his two boys when he reportedly became involved in a collision, according to NBC New York. After stopping, the other driver proceeded to smash the victim’s windshield with a baseball bat. The father sat in the vehicle with his children, where he caught this on video.

It was not immediately clear from the video footage what preceded the man smashing the car windshield.

The victim wrote on his Facebook page, as reported by NBC New York, While I stood there and told him to back the fuck off me and that I have kids in the truck and I’m not doing this his friends also exited the second vehicle and came at me as well.” 

One of the victim’s sons can be heard in the video exclaiming, “He’s going to hit us,” right before the man proceeded to smash the vehicle’s windshield with a baseball bat.

The victim said that he was on his way to celebrate Father’s Day in New Jersey when two vehicles tried to pass him on the shoulder, according to NBC New York. The father added that in an attempt to avoid hitting a construction cone, he believes one of the vehicles sideswiped the his car. 

Police told NBC New York that after smashing the victim’s windshield, the attacker fled the scene in a vehicle that was uninvolved in the crash. This incident happened around 7 p.m. on Friday. Police are still searching for the assailant and the two vehicles involved.

The victim said, “I fear that this individual could do it to somebody else.”