Fireworks Shortage Looms Before Fourth Of July

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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Fireworks on July 4th is an American custom, but shortages may prevent many Americans from engaging in this pastime this year, the “Today” show reported.

Americans seeking to buy fireworks for the Independence Day holiday will face shortages nationwide that have resulted in limited stock and higher prices, “Today” reported. Fireworks inventory has reportedly decreased about 30%.

The majority of fireworks in the U.S. are shipped from China, which has seen a backup in global shipping, Today reported. This logjam has resulted in an interruption of supply chains and problems fulfilling inventory across the country. Holiday favorites like sparklers, and other fireworks displays, such as big mortar shells, have been difficult to locate for the American consumer. (RELATED: Gov. Kristi Noem Says She Will Continue To Fight For July 4th Fireworks At Mount Rushmore As Biden Admin Denied Request)

“Most of your powder components and everything are produced in China,” said Aaron Blankenship, owner of Titan Fireworks. “We’ve got a lot of fireworks either sitting in the ocean or in port stuck there.”

Blankenship stated that in previous years, he has received firework shipments from China in about 30 days, but it has been much longer this year. “It’s been anywhere from 6 weeks to even 10 weeks,” he reportedly said.

Firework shipments have become a lower priority this year as global shipping companies and retail manufacturers seek to make up lost income from the pandemic, News Channel 5 reported.

“So as these boats are being unloaded, a lot of the fireworks and those type items are being put on the side of the yard and they’re prioritizing Walmart, Amazon, Target, a lot of the large retailers,” Blankenship stated.