HANSON: Rise Of The Government Thought Police

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Jim Hanson Executive Director of America Matters
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The Biden administration just released a National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. Sadly, instead of a smart, measured approach to the real dangers we face, it is a stunning admission that the administration will use the full powers of the state to attack its political enemies. Even worse, they openly admit grafting this onto the social engineering programs they are running to fundamentally transform this country into a woke paradise.

But wokeness is just re-branded socialism, and we on the Right know that it produces nothing but human misery, not paradise. Ever hopeful, the bright-eyed social justice warriors are fortunately blessed with an education that skipped all that. So, they march forward hacking and slashing at the founding principles of this country, and over the past several generations they have made significant progress.

I have spent most of my adult life working in support of our national security, and my risk assessment showed that the most pressing dangers to our republic were domestic. This led me to write “Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot,” which explains why we are currently losing the fight for control of this country and teaches how to turn the tide before they can steal any more control.

We must stop this attempt to turn the natural concern Americans have about terrorism into a political weapon. It is a ploy right out of totalitarian textbooks — brand the opposition as enemies of the state and then use all elements of the security apparatus to sideline and punish them.

It is already in effect with the obscene overcharging and solitary confinement without bail of many of the Capitol rioters. Anyone who committed violent acts during this political rally gone bad should be punished, but the attempt to brand the entire event as an insurrection reveals the intent to outlaw political speech the Left dislikes. The vast majority of people were simply there to peaceably petition their government for redress of grievances by asking for an investigation into election irregularities.

The Biden Domestic Terror Strategy is a blueprint for institutionalizing these abuses of state power. They use the term white supremacy to encompass a large number of groups and people who only fit that description in a woke dictionary of political smears. Then they call that the largest threat facing the country.

“Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (principally those who promote the superiority of the white race) and militia violent extremists are assessed as presenting the most persistent and lethal threats,” according to the document.

Somehow, they manage to avoid the year-plus-long orgy of violence committed by Black Lives Matter (BLM) which caused more than $2 billion in damage, thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths. There is not a single reference to them in the entire document. This is a stunning omission given the definition of domestic terrorism:

“Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.”

BLM burnt, beat and looted across a large swath of the United States to further their ideological goals and were highly successful in doing so. They got a number of cities to implement some version of “Defund the Police” and now many of those communities are experiencing a massive increase in violent crime. But apparently all this escaped the notice of the Biden team.

Another horrifying aspect of the plan is the creation of what is essentially the Thought Police by partnering with the tech tyrants who have monopoly control of our public information space. They have been doing a comprehensive job censoring the Right and serving as a propaganda wing for the Democrats, but now they want to use that to sidestep that pesky First Amendment.

“These efforts speak to a broader priority: enhancing faith in government and addressing the extreme polarization, fueled by a crisis of disinformation and misinformation often channeled through social media platforms, which can tear Americans apart and lead some to violence,” according to the new strategy.

There are several problems with that statement. First, enhancing faith in government is a broader priority than should normally be considered in a terrorism policy. Second, and perhaps more chillingly, is that although they are prohibited from “abridging the freedom of speech,” they feel perfectly comfortable having their partners in Silicon Valley do the dirty work.

There is already an open path for censorship coordination on “bad information” between the government and the social media companies — it was developed under the guise of stopping foreign interference into our elections. In the same way terrorism is a good rationale for clamping down on your political enemies, foreign misinformation justifies tech censorship.

It was too good a tool to use just for a few Facebook ads by the Russians showing Jesus arm wrestling Satan, so they expanded it. “Misinformation” became anything the Woke solons of the Left deemed it, and they proved that when Hunter Biden’s laptop was exposed a month before the 2020 election.

The social media companies suspended the New York Post for breaking the story and then canceled anyone who even posted about it. They purposely hid information damaging to a political candidate and claimed without a shred of evidence it was Russian disinformation. Yet they gleefully pushed mountains of information damaging to Donald Trump long after the tales had been proven false. It shows them as active political operators and now the Biden team is expanding it to shut down more dissent.

Just in case you hadn’t gotten the full “jackboot on the neck” feeling yet, they brag about all of this being part of their imposition of wokeness on all of us.

“We are, therefore, prioritizing efforts to ensure that every component of the government has a role to play in rooting out racism and advancing equity for under-served communities that have far too often been the targets of discrimination and violence. This approach must apply to our efforts to counter domestic terrorism by addressing underlying racism and bigotry.”

No. You have misidentified the problem and applied an unconstitutional solution. This is what we must fight against and defeat, along with cancel culture, neo-racist training in schools, government, and corporations and all other assaults by the Woke Mob.

Jim Hanson is Executive Director of America Matters and served in U.S. Army Special Forces