Widow Of Murder Victim Says Government Needs To Crack Down On Handouts: ‘Go Out And Work For Your Money … Don’t Steal’

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Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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The widow of a murder victim said the government needs to crack down on handouts so people can “go out and work” and not steal, according to CNN.

Nixia Jordan, the fiancee of New York City murder victim Milton Grant who was shot and killed June 21 in a robbery, spoke to CNN’s John Berman Wednesday about his death.

Grant was shot and killed in his car, and one of the suspects was seen on video taking the jewelry off his body. “My husband liked nice things,” Jordan said. “He worked hard for his jewelry, his shoes, his clothes, his cars and for someone to just murder him for his belongings instead of working hard for getting his own, it’s just, it’s a slap in the face, to take a life, just for his jewelry, just for his things.”

Jordan said she “never thought” her husband would be taken from her “in this way.” “We talked about having forever together about raising our kids, we just put them in sports, so now I’m thinking how am I supposed to take them to practice without their dad accompanying me, how am I going to do family vacations without him,” Jordan replied emotionally.

Berman asked Jordan why she thought there was an unprecedented rise in crime in recent months throughout the city. Shooting incidents in May were up 73% compared to the same period last year, according to CNN.

Jordan attributed the rise in crime to people struggling due to COVID and unemployment, then continued, claiming that unemployment checks from the government need to stop because it encourages people not to look for work and steal instead. (RELATED: Homicides, Shootings Spiked In New York City During 2020 Despite Overall Crime Being Down)

“Go out and work for your own things, go out and work to buy your own things. Don’t steal and don’t kill just to get those things. Work for them just like my husband did,” she said.

“Something has to be done,” Jordan continued. “It’s not even safe to go outside the house anymore.”