‘Now Everybody Is Mad, Well Done’: Dana Perino Says Biden’s Gun Violence Speech Hit All The Wrong Notes

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s gun violence speech had managed to rub everyone the wrong way.

Perino said on “The Five” that Biden had “found a way to make everybody mad,” from those who supported increased gun control measures to those who complained that he was laying the blame on law-abiding firearms dealers and the guns themselves rather than criminals. (RELATED: ‘Pathetic’: Geraldo Rivera And Dana Perino Pan Biden Gun Violence Speech That Sounds Like ‘Reading Back Somebody’s Fast Food Order’)


Greg Gutfeld began the conversation by saying that Biden had mocked the Second Amendment when he said that American citizens would need an F-15 or a nuclear weapon to fight back against a hostile or tyrannical government.

“He was talking about how silly the idea is of having the Second Amendment to protect against a hostile government or whatever, now, this is after, I don’t know, a few weeks since he claimed that a few hundred MAGA protesters were a threat to the democracy, the worst threat since the Civil War. What’s going to be?” Gutfeld asked.

“He’s trying to say both, threatening gun owners but if you dare to exercise the Second Amendment or stand up for your rights, then the government may nuke you which is a weird position to take, and then at the same time, he’s saying that people who are unarmed and didn’t have F-15s and nuclear weapons who went to the Capitol January 6th are also capable, with nothing, to take over the government. That argument doesn’t fly,” Katie Pavlich replied.

Pavlich went on to say that data indicated more and more first-time gun buyers — a lot of whom were women and minorities — were taking steps to protect themselves as crime spiked across the country.

“Last night we saw an attack on a police station after drug dealers were arrested, I think it was in North Carolina, am I right?” Gutfeld continued. “These are things that the Democrats ignore as they release looters and decide they are not going to charge people who are rioting, but the good news is we were able to get, we were able to sentence a grandmother … an Indiana grandmother for entering the Capitol on January 6. 120 hours of community service. She got 120 more hours than Hunter Biden did for violating a gun law.”

“Joe Biden says the F-15 thing, that’s a strawman argument he got from Barack,” Jesse Watters added. “Remember Barack always said, ‘What do you need a bazooka for?’ You do that because you are trying to make the other side look crazy. You are crazy if you want to protect yourself?”

“What do you need a bazooka for?” Geraldo Rivera asked.

“No one needs a bazooka, that’s the point, you just fell for the strawman argument,” Watters shot back.

“I think the issue here is they can’t identify the problem because it goes right back to the cause which is their policies,” Gutfeld said.

Rivera jumped back in, asking why people needed AR-15s. “You can’t hunt with them,” he argued.

“I have hunted with one!” Watters said, and everyone began to talk at once.

Gutfeld turned the topic back to Biden, adding, “He was saying there were criminals living under bridges, do you remember that part? And that was the problem, criminals living under bridges.”

“We need to have community programs for summer jobs. He said they need to be busy and they need to be not on the streets. They were kept out of school for a year, for example, what was that all about?” Perino said. “Yesterday the president found a way to make everybody mad, so if you are in favor of gun control you are mad because there was nothing new there. If you are a community leader wanting to work on the problems in your community you’re mad because they’re not coming to help you, They’re dealing with something that is what the Republicans are mad about as they are not talking about the root cause, now everybody is mad, well done.”

“Good job, Joe,” Pavlich said.

“Well. they often say a great leader gets everybody pissed off,” Gutfeld added.

“I’m not sure if this fits that bill,” Perino replied.