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EDITORIAL: This Week In Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers And Hot Takes


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain torched President Joe Biden’s stance on abortion — “If you want to murder a little bit, that’s fine” — gun-toting St. Louis attorney Mark McCloskey has a new AR, and Salma Hayek says, no, she didn’t have a boob job.

The 24-hour news cycle — coupled with thousands of media outlets and a gradual return from pandemic boredom to a somewhat normal life — makes it all but impossible for anyone to truly stay abreast of all the news.

So here it is, the week that was:

  • Fox News host Greg Gutfeld kicked off the week with a hearty defense of the “good employees behind the scenes at CNN who don’t deserve to be fronted by lying clowns and public masturbators.” Gutfeld argued that even though CNN was a competitor, it was no longer fun to watch the network’s “downward spiral.”
  • Comedian Bill Maher ripped into the overregulation in his home state of California, saying, “We are the most regulated state in the nation with more than 395,000 regulatory restrictions. It is a constant nightmare of inspectors and permits and fees. In this state, if you get to your car 10 seconds after the parking meter expires, it’s already gone and you’ll never see it again.”
  • Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that former President Donald Trump’s campaign was behind the planning of a rally that preceded the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. The Trump campaign has repeatedly denied that any staffers were paid to plan or promote the event.
  • Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham lashed out at Democrats he said were threatening to change the rules because they could not get the necessary votes to win. “I’m not going to be extorted!” he told “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace.
  • Republican Missouri Senate candidate Mark McCloskey showed off a new firearm. McCloskey became a household name after he and his wife Patricia took up arms and confronted the protesters who broke down their street’s private gate and marched near their home.
  • MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham blamed police for rising crime, saying, “So this rising crime is not the fault of the movement, it’s actually the fault of the police and this has been our point all along. Why should we keep funding systems and institutions that keep rendering themselves ineffective?”
  • Veteran track star Allyson Felix qualified for her fifth Olympic team in the women’s 400m, and she celebrated with fellow teammate — and fellow mom — Quanera Hayes.
  • Meghan McCain called out Biden’s stance on abortion amid calls for the Catholic Church to deny him communion. “I’m personally opposed to murder, but if you want to murder a little bit that’s fine, it’s not my problem,” McCain said, arguing that Biden’s official position — that he opposed abortion personally but couldn’t tell others how they should behave — did not make sense.
  • Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse blew off concerns that he held a membership at an allegedly all-white private beach club. “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island,” he said. The club has formally denied that it is all-white.
  •  Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson put the kibosh on rumors that he might run for president in 2024. “I’ve known and talked to every president, you know, for a while, for like more than 30 years. And you know, I can’t think of anyone whose life was improved by that. I mean, I guess if like I was the last person on earth, I could do it, but I mean, it seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy,” he said.
  • Meghan McCain blasted “The View” co-host Joy Behar, saying it was “very disrespectful” to introduce Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as a “so-called Democrat.” Noting that Democrats had been equally hard on Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, McCain added, “You would rather have a Republican in the Senate rather than a moderate Democrat is what’s wrong with the Democratic party today.”
  • Joy Behar scrambled to walk back a joke about “penetration in the end zone” as she moderated a discussion on “The View” about NFL player Carl Nassib, who recently came out as gay.
  • Jake Tapper criticized Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who supports getting rid of the filibuster, noting that he had used the measure himself when Democrats were in the minority. “You’re talking about it being corrupt, but you’ve used it, too,” Tapper pointed out.
  • Fox News contributor Richard Fowler claimed that Iowa schools had banned teaching about racism, sexism and slavery in the classroom. Cohost Jesse Watters disputed the claim, and a closer look quickly revealed that the bill in question banned teaching certain subjects in employee training – but not in classrooms. Fowler protested that the bill had been “poorly written,” to which Watters replied that it had been “poorly read” as well.
  • Fox News host Will Cain called out adults who let children make permanent changes to their bodies in pursuit of gender transition, calling it “child abuse.”
  • “She would have never gone,” Trump said, claiming that his trip to the southern border alongside Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was the only reason Vice President Kamala Harris announced her trip to El Paso. Harris was put in charge of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border three months prior, and the scheduled trip marks her first visit to the area.
  • Dana Perino and Geraldo Rivera panned Biden’s gun violence speech, saying that it did not “meet the moment.” Rivera called it “pathetic” and Perino said it sounded as though Biden was reading back “somebody’s fast food order.”
  • And finally, after much speculation about a possible boob job, actress Salma Hayek claimed that weight gain and having children had caused growth to occur naturally. “A lot of people say that I had breast augmentation. I don’t blame them, my boobs were smaller. So was the rest of my body. But they just have kept growing. Many many sizes. And my back has been really suffering from it,” she said.