Watch Joe Biden Weirdly Whisper His Answers To The Press

YouTube Screenshot: CNN

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President Joe Biden whispered his answers to press questions Thursday in what was deemed an odd exchange.

“I got them $1.9 trillion relief so far,” Biden whispered, as he leaned into his microphone to answer a question from a reporter.

“I wrote the bill on the environment,” Biden whispered later when answering a question on Thursday about environmental legislation. “Pay them more,” whispered, yet again, replying to a question.

After meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden took what was considered an off-color tone with a CNN reporter. Kaitlan Collins asked President Biden why he felt confident that “Putin would change his behavior.” (RELATED: ‘Let’s Get Something Straight’: Biden Balks When Peter Doocy Refers To Chinese President Xi As His ‘Old Friend’)

“I’m not confident he’ll change his behavior. What the hell? What are you doing all the time?” Biden angrily replied.

“What I said was, let’s get it straight, what I said was, what will change their behavior is when the rest of the world reacts to them, and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything, I’m just stating the facts,” he continued.

While he was taking questions from the press on Thursday, Biden started to answer his questions by loudly whispering some of his answers.

Biden’s whispers drew rebuke on social media with many people describing it as ‘creepy,’ among other things.