UPDATED: Prime Day Is Over, But You Can Still Save Hundreds On Your Favorite Home & Kitchen Items

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Prime Day, unfortunately, has come and gone. Don’t be discouraged, though. Just because Prime Day is over, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t save hundreds on some of your favorite items!  We know our Brightbulb fans adore home and kitchen products, so we’ve done the research and found some of the best post-Prime Day deals we think our readers will absolutely love. Be sure to check them out below:



Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

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This aromatherapy set from Pure Daily Care comes with 10 essential oils that will fill your mind and body with a sense of serenity. With scents like lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and orange, you will absolutely adore this device. Essential oils have been used a therapeutic for thousands of years, so we’re sure you’ll love this machine as much as we do.

Sale Price: $39.95

Original Listing Price: $69.95

Savings: $30 (42%)

LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

This #1 best seller is a 100% polyester all-season comforter that has eight built-in loops to secure your favorite duvet cover. When this comforter gets dirty, all you have to do is just throw it into the washing machine. Did I mention it’s reversible? Plus, you’re able to choose from a myriad of colors and designs that best suit your personality with this comforter. So really, how can you go wrong with this purchase?

Sale Price: $29.99

Original Listing Price: $33.91

Savings: $3.92 (11%)

MegaWise Smart Air Purifier

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You deserve to breathe quality, fresh air. And with this MegaWise Smart Air Purifier, that’s exactly what you’ll do. This device captures any and all pollutants that may be lingering within the contents of your air such as dust mites, mold, pet dander, and smoke. This purifier also allows you to see the quality of your air in real-time. Did I mention it only takes about 15 minutes to purify a room up to 540 sq. ft? That’s pretty incredible.

Sale Price: $99.97

Original Listing Price: $159.99

Savings: $60.02 (38%)

Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac

(Photo Via Amazon)

Looking for a seriously care-free way to clean your home? This robot vacuum is designed to be slim and quiet so it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine. It can clean up to 100 minutes on a single charge and will automatically increase suction strength if it senses more force it needed for the best clean.

Listen to what a highly-satisfied customer had to say about their purchase:

“I had the Cadillac of the Samsung robot vacuums and this vacuum is much better for the money and it does a better job cleaning edges and cornering around obstacles while it cleans.”

So now we ask, what’s not to love? Make this vacuum your next purchase.

Sale Price: $129.99

Original Listing Price: $229.99

Savings: $100 (43%)

LuxClub 6-PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

(Photo Via Amazon)

Brightbulb Favorite: These #1 best-selling bamboo bed sheets possess superior cooling capabilities as opposed to your typical cotton sheets. They are pill-resistant, fade-resistant, and come with an extra-deep pocket just in case you have a thick mattress topper. With more than 65,000 customers giving this product a 5-star review, this deal is an absolute steal.

Sale Price: $37.95

Original Listing Price: $61.99

Savings: $24.04 (39%)

Blink Outdoor – HD Security Camera

(Photo Via Amazon)

Are you looking for a security camera that is low maintenance yet extremely effective? Look no further. These security cameras from Amazon can run up to two years at a time thanks to their long-lasting battery life. They are also completely wireless and weather-resistant. Set up this product by yourself in minutes, no professional installation services required.

Sale Price: $199.99

Original Listing Price: $249.99

Savings: $50 (20%)

Casper Sleep Element Mattress

We all know new mattresses come with a hefty price tag attached to them. However, you can now get a quality, comfortable mattress for an affordable price. Finally! Introducing the Queen Casper Sleep Element Mattress!

This mattress has a layer of AirScapeTM perforated breathable foam that will increase airflow so you don’t overheat at night. It comes sealed airtight, so all you have to do is cut open the packaging and it will inflate automatically! Plus, if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return this product for a full refund within the first 100 days of your purchase. How can you go wrong with this product?

Sale Price: $535

Original Listing Price: $595

Savings: $60 (10%)

H.VERSAILTEX Thick Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs

(Photo Via Amazon)

I adore the soft, chenille fabric these mats are made out of. They are definitely more basic than the other rug listed above but will match perfectly with any color scheme you prefer. They also come in a myriad of colors including eggshell blue, mauve, navy, taupe brown, and many more!

Sale Price: $23.99

Original Price: $29.99

Savings: $6 (20%)

Christopher Knight Home Judith Lounger Bean Bag

(Photo Via Amazon)

Looking for a new way to relax? We’ve got you covered. This adult-sized bean bag from Christopher Knight home is a hot ticket item right now, and it could be all yours. Made from Polyurethane foam, this bean bag is super plush and durable. This lounger is suitable for inside as well as outdoor use. Whether you want to chill by the pool (thanks to its water-resistance feature) or hang out in your living room, this bean bag can do it all.

Get this product when you click here for just $214.36! But hurry, there are only a few left in stock.

DANGTOP Bamboo Cooling Blanket

(Photo Via Amazon)

This product is a Brightbulb favorite. If you tend to become hot when you sleep, you’re not alone. Sleeping while you’re too warm can be extremely uncomfortable. Luckily, DANGTOP has the perfect solution. This cooling blanket has the ability the breathe unlike most other fabrics (cotton, microfiber, fleece, etc) thanks to its 100% bamboo fibers. Bamboo fibers allow the blanket to feel lightweight and provide long-lasting comfort. Get this innovative blanket today!

Sale Price: $27.99

Original Price: $30.99

Savings: $3.00 (10%)

Brightown Outdoor String Lights

(Photo Via Amazon)

I think we can all agree it’s time to upgrade your backyard space with these outdoor string lights. These weather-proof lights add a sense of serenity to any porch, patio, balcony, or deck. Classified as an Amazon Choice Product, these lights are ranked highly for their quality and fair price. Since they also receive an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 33,000 people, it’s safe to say you really can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Get this product here for just $15.97!


Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set

(Photo Via Amazon)

These stainless steel knives from Home Hero are non-stick coated and extremely durable. With your purchase, you’ll receive an acrylic knive block, a chef’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, cheese knife, and so much more. Plus, you’ll receive a pair of kitchen shears and a knife sharpener!

Get this product when you click here for just $49.99, plus an extra $15 off coupon!

LYKO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit

(Photo Via Amazon)

Have you ever wanted to grow herbs but didn’t have the space to do so? Well, with this new device from LYKO, this dream can become a reality. This indoor herb garden can grow anything from basil to thyme and rosemary from nothing but seedlings. You can grow up to 12 different plants at once. How awesome it that?

Get this device when you click here for just $85.99, plus an extra $10 off!

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill

This device can be used for air frying, searing, baking, dehydrating, and roasting. Skip the lengthy process of thawing frozen meat with this gadget. All you have to do is put the meat of your choice into the machine and watch the Ninja Foodi Grill turn it into a juicy culinary masterpiece! Additionally, this grill is virtually smoke-free thanks to the combination of the temperature-controlled grill grate and splatter shield. It’s safe for indoor use but produces outdoor grill results and flavors.

Hurry, there are only a few left!

Sale Price: $203.99

Original Price: $229.99

Savings: $26 (11%)

Sorbus Fridge and Freezer Storage Bins

(Photo Via Amazon)

Keeping an organized fridge can be difficult, especially if you have children or grandchildren running around. Since many of us go grocery shopping frequently, it’s easy to have a fridge that’s totally unorganized. Luckily, Sorbus storage bins are an easy solution to this ongoing issue. Simply put these bins in your fridge or freezer and fill the with your favorite foods. This will allow easy access to all of your items as well as extreme organization.

Sale Price: $35.99

Original Price: $41.99

Savings: $6 (14%)

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Kitchen Cookware Set

(Photo Via Amazon)

Put simply, cast-iron cookware is consistently reliable and durable. This set comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and they’re oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re looking for pans that will last for years on end, stop your search.

Sale Price: $73.92

Original Price: $79.99

Savings: $6.07 (7%)

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware Set

(Photo Via Amazon)

All-Clad cookware is some of the best on the market. Made from our stainless steel that distributes heat evenly for a perfect cook on your food, All-Clad pots and pans are loved by chefs from around the world. Did I mention every piece in this set is made right here in the USA? When you purchase All-Clad products, you’re supporting American businesses.

Sale Price: $699.95

Original Price: $1,100

Savings: $400.05 (36%)

Airtight Food Storage Containers Set (24 Piece)

(Photo Via Amazon)

If not stored properly, food often goes bad within days. These containers from Chef’s Path effectively solve this issue we all know too well. This BPA-free plastic container bundle comes with 24 containers of all sizes. Whether you are looking to store spaghetti noodles, dog treats, and anything in between, these storage containers have you covered.

Sale Price: $69.47

Original Listing Price: $79.97

Savings: $10.50 (13%)


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