Get An Alert When Your Dog Needs To Go Outside With This Smart Mat

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One of the biggest struggles of bringing a puppy into the home is getting them housebroken. But sometimes, even the most willing dogs can have accidents in the home simply because the owners are distracted or unaware that they need to go outside. That is where the BarkingMat Smart Dog Training Mat can be a huge help.

The BarkingMat simplifies the training process by letting the owners know when their dog needs to go outside. Many times dogs will go to the back door waiting to be let out to go to the bathroom, but the owners are unaware the dog is there. So after a time of waiting in silence, the dog can wait no longer and has an accident.

The BarkingMat helps the dog alert its owners that it needs to go outside. Owners place the mat by the door, and when the dog places a paw on it, the mat emits a sound to alert the owner. The sound is adjustable to be a bark or a chime, as well as the volume.

The mat also doubles as a pee pad holder, just in case the owner doesn’t make it to the door in time. It also has a USB port to allow you to recharge the long-lasting lithium battery.

There are so many features to like about this idea, starting with the stylish look of the mat. This doesn’t look like a dog item but is rather sleek and stylish and something you’ll be proud to have at your door. It’s also easy to clean with the simple wipe of a damp towel thanks to the plastic matte material.

The BarkingMat is the size of a standard doormat at 22 inches long by 15 inches wide. It is thicker than a normal mat at 2 inches to allow for functionality.

Normally priced at $59, this BarkingMat Smart Dog Training Mat can be yours for a limited time for just $49.99, a savings of more than 16 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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