Lori Lightfoot Wants To Fight Racism While Crime Runs Rampant In Chicago | Quality Control With Jobob

Daily Caller

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This week’s episode of The Daily Caller’s very own “Quality Control with Jobob” delves into Chicago’s rise in crime and Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s attempt to deflect by talking about racism and gun control.

Our host provides a deft analysis of Chicago as a “representative faction” of “deep-blue city strongholds” that are experiencing an uptick in violent crime, and does so “without Don Lemon’s arrogance or John Oliver’s accent.”


In this episode, Jobob not only pokes holes in the mayor’s reasoning on the ongoing rise in gun violence in Chicago, but also highlights the awakening of liberal media like MSNBC to the faults of the dominant liberal rhetoric. (RELATED: 48 Shot, 10 Fatally During Another Bloody Weekend In Lightfoot’s Chicago)

The host also ponders the somber ramifications of the blue city leaders’ misdiagnosis of the problem and proposes alternative solutions to the crime epidemic engulfing the growing number of American cities.