‘I’ll Change The Channel’: Jesse Watters Says Gwen Berry Took A Beautiful Team Moment And ‘Made It All About Herself’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said he would change the channel rather than watch Olympic hammer-thrower Gwen Berry.

Watters said Monday on “The Five” that when Berry turned her back to the flag during the national anthem she, in effect, took a beautiful team moment and “made it all about herself.” (RELATED: ‘Haven’t Lived Up To Our Highest Ideals’: Psaki Says Biden Approves Of Olympian Protesting Anthem)


Watters argued that the Olympic Committee had grounds to sanction Berry for poor sportsmanship. Berry came in third; Waters added that her actions drew attention away from the two women who placed first and second.

“That was their moment. That was the country’s moment to reflect on a great event and instead, poisoned the chemistry of the female track and field squad and she made it all about herself,” Watters said. “She drew attention from them in the country to herself and it was negative attention.”

Watters went on to say that Berry’s actions hadn’t even accomplished what she apparently wanted. He added, “No one is talking about systemic racism after we see this. We are talking about her and the disrespect.”

Watters concluded that he enjoyed watching Olympian hammer throwing, but he had no interest in watching Berry compete.

“If this country is so racist, why do you want to represent a racist country to the world? And why do you want to reap the benefits of this racist country and then get up there, place third and then spit in our face,” Watters said.

“She can throw hammers, I’ll change the channel — click — when she is on ever again … I think the rest of the country feels the same way. Just another event that liberals ruin.”