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ANALYSIS: Polls Show One Thing Very Clearly: Nearly Everyone, Minorities Included, Wants Voter ID


Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Republicans have long pushed for voter identification laws, and a spate of voter reform laws have brought the issue to the center of national conversation. Democrats argue such laws would disenfranchise minorities, but polling shows that large majorities of Americans — including minorities — support photo I.D. requirements.

A recent poll from Monmouth University shows that fully 80% of all Americans support requiring voters to provide a photo I.D. before casting their ballots in an election. Just 18% of respondents said they opposed voter I.D. laws. The racial breakdown of the question is even more remarkable, showing 77% of white people in favor of the laws and 21% opposed. Minorities, however, supported such laws with an 84% majority and just 13% in opposition.