Gayle King’s Pivot From Powerful, Patriotic Interview To ‘Tiny Child Penis’ Question Is Truly Something


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Gayle King pivoted Tuesday from an emotionally powerful patriotic segment to a question about her guest’s “tiny child penis.”

King interviewed Liverpool-born author Roger Bennett on “CBS This Morning” about his new book “(Re)Born In The USA” and his long journey to becoming a naturalized citizen of his chosen country, the United States of America. (RELATED: ‘I Still Feel Judged’: Gayle King Asks Dr. Fauci Why More Experts Aren’t Clear About When The Masks Can Come Off)


The segment began with a clip of Bennett reading passages from his book with the Statue of Liberty as his backdrop: “This book is a love letter to America written by a gent who came of age with the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline painted as a mural on his bedroom wall and ended up moving here. And for whom the act of becoming an American citizen is the single greatest achievement of my life.”

And by the end of the video, Bennett himself appeared to tear up. “Quite a lot to watch that,” he said.

“It’s so beautiful. So beautiful,” King said, and then abruptly changed directions. “Something that’s not so beautiful, you write on page 56 you were a late bloomer with a tiny child penis that looked like a ball spigot.”

“Some things don’t change, Gayle,” Bennett replied with a laugh.